Buddy Harrington Jacket - Beige

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Frizmworks Buddy Harrington Jacket - Beige 

This is a product designed with an emphasis on lightly loosening the classic mood Harrington jacket with limited coordination in a silhouette. It shows a trendy silhouette with a wide width and a short length, and various expressions are possible by adjusting the elastic string at the hem. Tough and hard CPN pitch processing fabric was used for the outer fabric, and thin flannel check fabric was used for the lining. A concise pocket was placed on the front in a convenient location for putting hands in, and YKK's 2-way zipper was used. It was released in a light colourway suitable for the season, and it is a product that can be used comfortably in a variety of ways.

Size measurement (cm)




M 64 55 64 63
L 66 56.5 66.5 64.5
XL 68 58 69 66

Product Composition
 1. Shell: cotton 52% / polyester 41% / nylon 7%
 2. Lining(body) : cotton 100%
 3. Lining(sleeve) : polyester 100%
Product Description  1. Semi-oversized silhouette
 2. ykk 2way slider zipper
 3. Neck strap detail
 4. 2-hand pocket
 5. Inner pocket
Country of origin CHINA