Chino Wide Fatigue Pants - Olive

$143.00 USD


Frizmworks Chino Wide Fatigue Pants - Olive

These fatigue pants are made from a soft, vintage chino cotton fabric. Overall, it shows a wide silhouette, and simple out pockets are placed on the front and back. It is easy to adjust the size by installing an adjuster that can adjust the waist. The sewing company uses koasa to increase the durability of the product itself, and you can see the unique glossiness that comes from the stitch. Puckering and water loss caused by garment washing add a vintage mood. The quality is improved by using YKK's auto-lock zipper in the fastening part, and the durability is strengthened by bartack treatment in the part receiving force. With a design that can be easily matched with various outfits, this product is perfect for daily wear.

  • Shell: Cotton 100%
  • Made in Korea