Cowhide Leather Varsity Jacket - Black

£285.00 GBP


Frizmworks Cowhide Leather Varsity Jacket - Black

This varsity jacket is made of soft and hard wool blend heavy melton fabric and natural cowhide fabric. It is a jacket that is comfortable to wear anywhere with a design completed by adding small details on top of a basic varsity jacket. As the lining is quilted with 2 ounces of cotton, it has good warmth along with the thick outer material. The shoulder part is designed with a subtle cut-out detail, and the pocket entrance located at the bottom of the front part is made with a high degree of completion by inserting a square stitch. The lip part of the sleeve is finished with leather, and the lip fabric is designed not to be easily stretched. The lining is treated with rounding, which is usually used for coats, to increase the quality. It is developed in a total of 4 colorways: gray, olive, navy, and black, and has the same design, but shows different moods depending on the color scheme. As a basic item, it is a good product to use for various coordination.