Gusset Coloration Sweatshirt - Olive

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Frizmworks Gusset Coloration Sweatshirt - Olive

It is a sweatshirt with simple but not boring details with gusset points on the front, back and cuffs. It is a hooded zip-up parka made of heavyweight fabric with a weight of 850g per YD. This is a newly developed fabric from yarn, using 100% cotton yarn for the front part and weaving the inside of the fabric with processed polyester blend yarn so that you can feel the soft touch while having a certain thickness. You can feel the difference clearly when you touch it with a fabric that compensates for the shortcomings of the heavyweight fabrics that have been used in various ways. When weaving the fabric, the drawing is as narrow as possible and the washing process is processed several times to prevent shrinkage as much as possible. It gave design fun by giving gusset colour matching points to sleeves, gussets, and ribs with lip fabric. It can be worn casually with any outfit, and it is a product that is not inferior to a daily item.