Level7 Type2 Monster Down Parka - Coyote

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Frizmworks Level7 Type2 Monster Down Parka - Coyote

Based on the US Army PCU Lelvel7 Type2 Monster Parka, it is a product that is released with the brand's unique casual style. The original product had an excessively large size, so the pattern was modified to a moderate oversized silhouette, and a raglan pattern that naturally fell on the shoulder line was applied. In the case of filling, it is made by filling duck down (80/20) instead of polyester, which is mainly used. 380 - 420g of down is injected to have high warmth. For a silhouette, the amount of down is reduced in the shoulder area, and the ratio is increased in the sleeves, waist, and bottom. For the main fabric, cotton/nylon weave CN fabric is used, so you can feel the rusty texture without gloss. For the lining, 100% nylon fabric, which is thicker than the general lining fabric, is used to provide excellent wind resistance. A hood is placed inside the neckline so that you can take it out and wear it. All subsidiary materials used were YKK's products, and in the case of the main zipper, Vislon 2-way zippers were used to make it highly usable. It is a product that has been reinterpreted to have a cleaner and more casual feel while maintaining the attractive features and distinctive silhouette of the original product.