OG Double Poplin Relax Shirt - Light Khaki

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Frizmworks OG Double Poplin Relax Shirt - Light Khaki

This shirt is made from crispy poplin fabric from the Original Garments® line. It has a comfortable size and a natural drop shoulder pattern, making it a good product to wear all year round. Rounded pockets on the front chest were slightly twisted and installed to give a design point. In the case of the neck collar, it is made as a hidden button-down type so that you can create a shape according to your taste, expand the range of choices with 6 colourways, and have a low-saturation-centered colour feel to match with a variety of clothes. The elasticity of the fabric itself holds the silhouette well when worn, and it has a comfortable fit. The use of glossy-coated buttons enhances the sense of luxury, and is a good product for casual coordination.