OG Selvedge Regular Denim Pants - Light Blue

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Frizmworks OG Selvedge Regular Denim Pants - Light Blue

For selvedge denim pants, 13oz selvedge denim made of 100% cotton was selected.
It is thick enough to be used in all four seasons and gives a comfortable fit.
All sewing uses 100% cotton koasa to ensure natural fading over time or washing
treatment, and in the case of the waist and bottom hem of pants, a chain stitch
using Union Special 43200G is put in to create a unique wave pattern visible
during washing. made it visible. In the case of subsidiary materials, YKK's
zipper was used to enhance durability, and the overlock finish on the inside of
the denim was finished with neat piping with white fabric, so even the invisible
part was considered. This product is made on the basis of a regular fit, and it
is a good product to match naturally with any outfit with a loose yet neatly
falling length.