Oscar Fishtail Jacket - Black

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Frizmworks Oscar Fishtail Jacket - Black

It has a vintage texture and is designed with a clean silhouette, making it a good product to match with a variety of products. At the bottom, a natural curved pattern was applied to balance it out. As the 3rd version, a liner jacket that can be removed/removed on the lining was made to be used until winter, and a rounding treatment was applied to the side of the liner jacket to show a more natural silhouette. A detachable/removable hood is made on the neckline, and a wire is inserted so that it can be easily shaped. In the case of subsidiary materials, the zipper is YKK 2WAY SLIDER zipper so that various coordination can be done. The liner jacket is designed so that it can be used as a single item by matching left/right symmetry. It is a good product that can be used in various ways regardless of the season by detaching/removing the hood and inner skin. Although it is a military-based product, it is designed casually and is a good product to coordinate with various outfits.