OG Dobby Weave Seersucker Shirt - Olive

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Frizmworks OG Dobby Weave Seersucker Shirt - Olive

  • 100% Cotton

This shirt is made of Seersucker fabric made from Dobby tissue made of Original Garements® line.The word sourcer originated from the Persian word shi-o-shakar, which means milk and sugar, and it changed to shirushakar, which means wrinkles, shriveling.After that, he moved to India and became a Hindi called shirsaker, and in 1722 he entered the English bloc with the fabric (Indian shriveled striped cotton cloth) and was called the Searsaker.It has a wriggling texture that prevents the fabric from sticking to the body.It has the advantage of being able to wear comfortably in summer, being easy to wash, and not ironing separately.It has a moderate thickness that does not show, so it is good to wear as a single item, and it is made of a natural oversize fit that is not excessive, so anyone can wear it comfortably.