Pendleton Pine Top Shirt (Rust)

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The Pendleton Pine Top Shirt is inspired by an original Pendleton design. Made using a blanket weight jacquard wool, in the Winding River design, this Pine Top Shirt is a Pendleton icon. Perfect as a shirt jacket or as a layering piece, this is a premium shirt made to last a lifetime.

Winding River:

The arrow is an important Native American symbol, as skill with arrows is the key to success in the hunt and in battle. A single arrow can represent the hunt, and it might represent protection. Crossed arrows are often used to symbolize friendship. One broken arrow is often a symbol of war, and two broken arrows together represent war’s end. In this pattern, two arrows are broken and crossed; broken to represent both sides laying down weapons, and crossed to represent setting aside quarrels in the spirit of peace and brotherhood.

Dry clean, 100% Umatilla virgin wool.

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