Pike Brothers 1937 Roamer Shirt - Dugway Blue

£55.00 GBP £110.00

The 1937 Roamer shirt is based on an American work shirt of the late 30s. Like the original, it offers the wearer a high level of comfort thanks to the spacious cut. Another detail of the shirt is the "smoker's bag". Smoking was still acceptable in the first half of the 20th century and the smoker's bag was cut to accommodate a softpack. The wearer was then able to remove a cigarette from his soft pack, without having to pull out the whole box. Now that most people don't smoke it still acts as a handy pocket.

The following details characterize our 1937 Roamer Shirt: 

- 100% cotton 
- light flannel 
- Comfortable cut
- smoker's bag 
- cat's eye buttons 
- pen pocket 
- Made in Portugal