Revolver 'Haleiwa' Tee (Off White)

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The 'Haleiwa' is a medium weight tee (260 gsm) made from recycled cotton.

All Revolver T-Shirts are knitted on an antique loopwheel machine, of which there are only two remaining in the world, with this particular one in Japan. The machine is analogue, taking over 1 hour to produce just 1m of jersey.  Further loving care is then given by Japanese artisans, true masters of their trade, who turn the jersey into T-Shirt gold.  Each Revolver T-Shirt takes over 1.5 hours to make.

Revolver Sportswear T-Shirts are luxurious, heavyweight and durable, offering traditional production and fits.  They are designed to be worn and worn again and will age gracefully age with you. T-shirts come unbranded, no logos and no fashion statements, which in turn equates to no landfill.

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