Smock Hooded Parka - Black

$286.00 USD


Frizmworks Smock Hooded Parka - Black 

  • cotton 70% / nylon 30%

This product is designed with the motif of a vintage US Navy rescuer's overalls. The original pullover shape was modified to a full zip-up shape to make it more comfortable to wear and at the same time make it the focal point of the design. It is made of lightweight but tough cotton/nylon CN fabric, and it completes a trendy silhouette with a wide width and short length. In order to create a rough mood while preventing the silhouette from collapsing, YKK's METALUXE 2WAY zipper, which is light and shows the visuals of metal material, was used. Large three-dimensional pockets are placed on both sides of the chest, and hand pockets are placed on both side seams to comfortably insert hands. It is a lightweight outerwear suitable for the military mood.