SOC Grass Valley 350-RXX (Indigo)

Product image 1SOC Grass Valley 350-RXX (Indigo)
Product image 2SOC Grass Valley 350-RXX (Indigo)
Product image 3SOC Grass Valley 350-RXX (Indigo)

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The Grass Valley jean is a straight leg, cinch back design based on the work pants worn by mineworkers during the 19th century gold rush era.

Details include:

  • Floral stitching around the mouth of the pockets which is both a design feature and a technical reinforcement.
  • A deformed coin pocket incorporated into the waist band
  • A single piece fly for a better fit and appearance
  • A leather patch stamped with handwritten graphics
The fabric is original14 oz Selvic denim using ultra-long cotton rice cotton, which is slowly and carefully woven with a shuttle loom, resulting in a finished fabric with a vintage feel.


· Specific elaborate specimen that looks like a look that will become a reinforcement of the pocket mouth the same style as the front side stitch design 
· The specification of the pocket mouth with the floral stitching combines the reinforcement retention and designing 
· In the waistband Incorporated deformed coin pocket 
· In the back pocket, in addition to the bar tack, double stitching is returned to V character. Reinforcement of the original design 
· Front plain wing is Continuous · Fly Specification 
· Sewing in the band and the yoke Original design buckle back 
· The back of the waistband is made of different fabric, SOC original specification 
· Pocket Sleeki uses another fabric Hommage tight in the second world war 
· Sewing machine set with fine width of sewing machine Stitch work 
· Leather patch stamped with handwritten graphics

We deepen further the deep details of vintage denim, and we are concentrating and making skills of skilled craftsmen. A number of polite specifications that can not be seen in vintage denim are made without considering production efficiency at all. In particular, the stitch work designed with a sewing machine with a custom sewing machine set at 7/32 gauge and a sewing with a width of 5.6 mm and a 4 mm width set for 3/16 gauge will be the original design symbolizing this denim line. While it is a robust specification exceeding the vintage, it will be the only denim with wild and intelligence that will be delicate and beautiful looks.

Original Selvic denim of 14 oz. It becomes a durable fabric with a dry touch with Sararito using ultra-long cotton rice cotton. By slowly and carefully woven with a shuttle loom, yarn quality, texture of the fabric is finished in a material with a sense of vintage.

Buckle back trousers inspired by garments worn during the turn of the century Gold Rush. Straight leg fit.

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