Stevenson Overall Co. 'Trigger' Shirt (Indigo)

Product image 1Stevenson Overall Co. 'Trigger' Shirt (Indigo)
Product image 2Stevenson Overall Co. 'Trigger' Shirt (Indigo)
Product image 3Stevenson Overall Co. 'Trigger' Shirt (Indigo)

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SOC's 'Trigger' design is an evolution of their classic Cody Western shirt. With pocket flaps sandwiched between the front yokes, a flap design that matches the curved yokes, and similar arched design of the collar shape and back yokes, the Trigger is a new and innovative take on the Western shirt style.

Only top quality Zimbabwe cotton is used to weave this indigo denim fabric, allowing the finished fabric itself to be very flexible. Zimbabwe cotton is also known to absorb the indigo very well, resulting in a deep, rich colour. Woven on vintage shuttle looms to provide a textured finish.

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