Yen Jeans Futre - Black

£90.00 GBP £180.00


Yen Jeans is a Tokyo-based premium denim brand.

Using vintage denim weaved with a power loom from Okayama, Yen Jeans offers a design that is not bound by the conventional concepts of denim.

The production of Yen Jeans lavishly incorporates traditional Japanese culture and techniques, such as Kyo-Yuzen and Amami Oshima’s Dorozome dyeing technique, as well as traditional textiles. In addition, Yen Jeans’ models include Twist Jeans offering three-dimensional, ergonomic design, Super Hipster, in which the waist part has a different cloth to make the jeans look hipster as much as possible, and Future Jeans designed with less patterns by eliminating side seams to raise production efficiency.