“Made by hand without compromise”
The Japanese denim brand MOMOTARO JEANS was founded at Kojima Okayama, a small coastal town, in 2006. Their high quality jeans are an outcome of their commitment to the intricacy of dyeing, weaving, sewing and washing. All of Momotaros Zimbabwe made cotton is hand cropped so that any impurities are spotted and not processed, resulting in higher quality fabric fibres and therefore a higher quality denim. At first glance the denim is instantly and obviously of high gloss quality. 
“We believe jeans are not only fashion items but also the tool for creating lifestyle.”
Our own Forge Denim brand shares a similar outlook to Momotaro, considering the idea of jeans creating a story of your lifestyle. We ourselves love and appreciate the wash and wear that can be created and achieved with each individual pair of jeans and its owner!
September 13, 2022 — Grace Mappin