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Craftsmanship and Quality - made to last.

We subscribe to the 'buy less but buy better' philosophy. We sell clothing and accessories that are made to last, beautifully crafted with love and care by companies who value their workers and our planet. 

Timex Heritage Series watches

Timex are one of the classic heritage watch brands.  The company has re-visited its archives to develop the Navi and Pioneer range of watches inspired by their iconic military and expedition timepieces.

Timex Pioneer Collection


Heimat start with traditional silhouettes and then interpret these for modern-day living. Contemporary products that incorporate the German tradition for high quality. Heimat products are meant to be simple, clothes and products that just feel right from the first time you wear them.

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Papapata socks use alpaca wool which is incredibly warm, super soft and hypoallergenic. These socks are naturally moisture resistant and breathable, keeping your feet dry and odour free.

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merz b. Schwanen

Merz b. Schwanen use authentic worker’s clothes from the 20s, 30s and 40s as a model and inspiration combining these with modern designs and new fabric blends. All items are made on authentic circular knitting machines, with a focus on quality and sustainability.

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