M47 French Army Pants - Beige

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Frizmworks M47 French Army Pants - Beige

This is a reinterpretation of the vintage French M47 army pants. Using a back satin cotton fabric with a clear horizontal slop, it added a new feeling while maintaining the military mood, and a HBT fabric color matching fabric was used to give a point. The relaxed silhouette makes it relatively comfortable to wear, and a shallow chin is added to the front to complement the fit and aesthetics. The unique hand pockets, cargo pockets and back pockets of Wonryu maintain the basic shape and add the sensibility of Prismworks. The silhouette can be adjusted by using the bijou at the hem, and various productions are possible, and the size can be adjusted simply by using the bijou at the waist. The overall vintage mood was emphasized by using buttons made of brass material.